Interactive Case Studies

Welcome to the Road to 10 Interactive Case Studies. In each scenario, you will be presented with a sample medical case and asked several questions about how to properly document and code that case in ICD-10. After completing the questions, you will be presented with your results with comparison to your peers, as well as a sample way to code the case in ICD-9 and ICD-10.
Note: These case studies are designed to provide a variety of clinical case scenarios to illustrate coding and documentation requirements for ICD-10. These are not meant to provide billing recommendations; they are simply to illustrate guidelines for documentation and coding of sample cases.

Select Case

Scenario NameCondition Category
Atrial FibrillationCardiovascular
Otitis MediaMiscellaneous
Breast Cancer and ChemotherapyNeoplasms
Strep Throat/Strep TonsillitisDevelopmental
Cervical Disc DiseaseMusculosketal
Struck by CarMusculosketal
Abdominal PainMiscellaneous