• CMS has created “Road to 10” to help you jump start the transition to ICD-10.

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  • Get On the Road to 10

    Built with the help of small practice physicians, “Road to 10” is a no-cost tool that will help you:

    • Get an overview of ICD-10 by accessing the links on the left
    • Explore Specialty References by selecting a specialty below
    • Click the BUILD YOUR ACTION PLAN box to create your personal action plan
  • Small Practice Physician Champions keep you up to date on trends

    Watch videos, hear stories from the road, learn perspectives from the field, and gain clinical insight.

Specialty References

Family Practice

Explore the codes, primers for clinical documentation, clinical scenarios, and other resources dedicated to your specialty.

Choose from the following:

Build Your Action Plan

Family Practice
Tell us a little about yourself so we can create a customized action plan to help you transition your practice to ICD-10. More
Road to 10

Share Your Story

Want to share your success story or lessons learned?
Send it to us and it may be included on this site to help guide other physicians on the Road to ICD-10.

Find Events Near You

Family Practice
CMS offers free events and training sessions around the country to help small physician practices prepare for ICD-10. Check the events calendar for events in your area. More
Road to 10

Seeking Provider Champions

Recruitment for a local “boots on the ground” Physician Champion Community of Practice to help small physician practices move forward on the Road to ICD-10 has begun.